What is the Klimb4Kids?

On March 18, ATI CEO Dylan Bates and longtime friend Matt Smith, will embark on a 6-day, 40-mile mountaineer’s journey to the 19,341 ft. summit of Africa’s Mount Kilimanjaro. Adding to the stakes, Dylan and Matt are pledging to raise $1 million for children with physical impairments through the ATI Foundation. The journey will not be without its challenges, but with your support, hundreds of children across the nation will be given the building blocks to offer a better quality of life.


Why support the climb?

For Dylan and Matt, the climb is much more than fulfilling a lifelong goal. It’s an opportunity to support the Foundation’s momentous mission of providing children with physical impairments the resources and funding needed to enhance and sustain a better quality of life.

Donations will help enable the Foundation to:

-Provide financial assistance for medical expenses

-Purchase medical equipment not covered by insurance

-Provide adaptive bicycles for recreation and therapy

-Grant access to special needs athletic programs

-Fund therapeutic horseback riding sessions

-Cover travel and lodging for families requiring out-of-state care

-Aid in many other hurdles our beneficiaries face

No donation is too small for a cause so big

Join us in our $1 million challenge to the top!

ATI Physical Therapy is the founding organization and largest donor to the ATI Foundation

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