An Unforgettable Eighth Birthday for Maryland Girl With Physical Impairments

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

On Tuesday, the ATI Foundation had a unique opportunity to present a life-changing gift to a young girl on her birthday.

Lily has an extensive medical history consisting of Rett syndrome and autism. She attends the Trellis school, where she was able to briefly use an adaptive trike. She immediately responded well to the experience, and her parents, along with Lily’s OT and PT providers, noticed a significant difference in her. She became very confident and often sought out the bike to ride. The pedaling motion kept her legs stretched out so she did not stiffen up through out the day, and gripping the handle bars successfully distracted her from her usual hand-wringing.

While Lily is a very active young lady, her medical conditions limit the activities in which she is able to participate with her peers. Having a specialized bike would allow her to be a part of her peer group, as well as get a fantastic physical workout. Lily’s family loved the sight of her riding a bike, and hoped this would be something that they could do as a family. The cost of the bike was making that dream impossible, so the ATI Foundation is proud to partner with Preston’s March for Energy to provide Lily with her very own adaptive bicycle.

Lily's family, along with Ian Mitchell, her Adaptive Physical Education Teacher at Trellis Services, knew how much this would benefit her, so an application was submitted. The presentation took place at the ATI Physical Therapy clinic in Cockeysville, Maryland. It just so happened to be on Lily's eighth birthday!

"I wanted to personally thank the ATI Foundation and Preston's March again for making this happen for Lily," said Mitchell, "Words can not express how wonderful you made us all feel today. She is such a wonderful young lady with a great family, and I couldn't be any happier. I am forever indebted to you guys . . . I'm glad that there are such wonderful people in this world who are willing to help others like you guys have. I can assure you that the bike will be put to very good use, and she will benefit from it immensely."

This is the 86th adaptive bike that the ATI Foundation and Preston's March for Energy have presented together during their partnership.

"Lily was so excited to ride her new pink bike," shared Sharon Franceschini, ATI Foundation East Division Representative, "She road around the clinic for 30 minutes! To be able to share this gift with her on her birthday was the icing on the cake!"

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