Carmel and Mom Send Messages of Gratitude

We love getting updates about the beneficiaries we've been honored to assist over the years. Sometimes, they send thank you notes. Sometimes, it's photos and videos, showing us how they're doing now, and what we did to help out.

Every once in a while, we get one that we can't stop smiling about, and here's a perfect example!

Recently at our Washington Golf Outing, we met Carmel and her mother, Sophie. Carmel is the youngest of three adopted girls from Africa. Sophie, a single mom of these three daughters, does everything she can to offer them what they need. Sophia and Carmel's biggest hurdle was to make their vehicle wheelchair accessible, as the progressive condition is causing more mobility needs as Carmel gets older.

We were so excited to hear from them, letting us know how much this means to their family.

"Thank you so very much. I am so grateful . . . to be able to have met you and some of the ATI community. I also wanted to send these [pictures and videos] your way. Wow, our gratitude would be impossible to measure," shared Sophie. "I cannot say enough, just how deeply moved we are, to be a part of the ATI family now. We are so grateful to every donor, who so generously gives to make the lives of children facing disability, that much better. In our case, this vehicle means freedom and safety for Carmel (and our family), and it will allow Carmel to be a part of our community even more. It will allow her to take more risks, and embrace her impairments- knowing inclusion is possible."

Our favorite part, however, was to see Carmel's reaction to all of it in this video:

"We are humbled, oh so humbled. On behalf of every recipient family, both now and in the future----I want to say thank you. Thank you for making a difference. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." -Sophie

Well, we'd like to thank you, Sophie, and every other beneficiary parent and family out there, for letting us know how much our supporters make a difference in your lives. It means a lot to us.

The ATI Foundation was founded in 2003 by ATI Physical Therapy for employees and patients to give back to the communities in which they live, work and serve. The mission of the ATI Foundation is to provide resources and funding to children with physical impairments to enhance and sustain a better quality of life. Learn more at and follow on Facebook.


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