Massachusetts Golf Outing Participant Wins Brand New Car!

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

This past Saturday, Bill Ingham joined some friends for a day out on the course to support a good cause.

The ATI Foundation, which helps enhance the lives of children with physical impairments, hosted its first Massachusetts golf outing in the Springfield area on July 20th at Crestview Country Club in Agawam, MA. Central Chevrolet in West Springfield participated in the event by hosting a hole-in-one contest and featured a brand new car as the prize.

Bill and his wife were invited by ATI Physical Therapy employee Katie Nolan and her husband Ryan, whose employer, World Wide Technology, sponsored the event. The couples met years ago and became golf buddies, but have since become close friends.

With a 6-iron in hand and Bill on the par-3 sixth hole, Bill took aim at the pin 185 yards away. The rest, as they say, is history. Bill’s ball took a bounce, hit the pin and dropped into the hole for a hole-in-one.

Bill shared that he has probably golfed in about 200 charity golf outings over the course of the 40 years he's been golfing. "I like to golf," said Bill, "but I also like to support a cause."

He has hit a total of four holes-in-one in his lifetime, but this was the first time it was part of a contest. The prize, displayed out on the course, was a brand new Chevy Trax.

"You don't hear about this happening every day – I think the odds of doing it are about 12,000 to one," shared Terry Williams, Director of the ATI Foundation, "We were glad it happened at our event and added to our celebration of helping local children in need.”

Todd Volk, President of Central Chevrolet, was surprised when he got the call. "We do about 15-20 of these outings a year to give back to the community, and we've been in business for over fifty years," said Volk, "We’re pretty sure this has only happened one other time. We're excited that he won."

Volk learned about the ATI Foundation when he was a patient at ATI Physical Therapy where he had shoulder rehabilitation with Donna Durocher, Clinic Director in East Longmeadow.

"When Donna asked if we wanted to be part of their golf outing, I definitely wanted to participate. It felt right."

At the post-golf celebration dinner and beneficiary presentations, Bill stood in front of the crowd to receive the congratulatory applause for his big win. There were two beneficiary families present at the event, whose physically impaired children were both gifted custom adaptive bicycles. His speech that followed was the highlight that capped off a great day.

"This particular cause is top-notch. I can't think of a better cause for an event like this. Golf's been pretty good to me - I've had a lot of years of fun with it. Obviously, this event just did something for me," said Bill. "So I'm gonna do some good things for the ATI Foundation. What I want to do is make two donations to each special family here in the amount of $500 each, and another $1,500 to the Foundation."

Bill later shared that he plans to gift the new car to his 21-year-old daughter.

The ATI Foundation would like to thank Bill and all golf participants, sponsors and volunteers for making this such a special event. (More on the MA golf outing highlights and beneficiary stories here.)

The ATI Foundation was founded in 2003 by ATI Physical Therapy for employees and patients to give back to the communities in which they live, work and serve. The mission of the ATI Foundation is to provide resources and funding to children with physical impairments to enhance and sustain a better quality of life. Learn more at and follow on Facebook @ATIFndn.


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